Muffler Scarf 4873 in Fine Pashmina Wool Heritage Range by Pashmina & Silk

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Muffler is the traditional name given in India to a particular style of long closely woven scarf, made from Kashmiri pashmina wool. Worn by both men & women, mufflers were specifically designed to reduce bulk and to provide maximum warmth without restricting everyday activity. They are, therefore, extremely comfortable when worn for long periods of time with jackets or coats for work and everyday activities.

Traditional Mufflers always have a fully reversible woven design in a complementary palette of colours. Each Muffler has a unique design based on the traditional heritage motifs of paisley or flowers. These same designs have been are passed down through generations of handloom weavers.

Mufflers are a practical, attractive and flexible accessory. The process of hand weaving gives the fabric a soft texture that is deceptively hardwearing. Mufflers improve with age and the more they are handled and worn, the softer the fabric becomes. Our authentic Muffler is made from premium hand woven Kashmiri pashmina wool. It will not felt or sweat like heavy imitations made with fluffy, poor grade, mixed fibres or viscose. A true hand-woven Kashmiri Muffler looks immediately superior in texture and finish to imitation products that often rely on superimposed screen-printed patterns.

Your scarf is supplied with FREE gift-wrap in attractive ivory tissue and presentational frosted bag along with a FREE message service. Warm to wear and easy care. Your scarf or stole should not require frequent cleaning. If you wish to freshen your item, dry clean it or gently hand wash the whole garment in cool soapy water. Never rub the fibres and always dry flat away from direct heat. When required use a cool iron.

  • Key Feature 1: Generous size 160cm x 35cm
  • Key Feature 2: Free priority postage to UK and within Europe with same day dispatch Worldwide
  • Key Feature 3: Free presentation wrapping with attractive frosted bag and tissue wrap including FREE message service
  • Key Feature 4: Premium Quality Kashmiri Pashmina Wool
  • Key Feature 5: We only supply garments made with Natural Fibre
  • Key Feature 6: FREE PRIORITY POSTAGE on all orders over US$45 or CDN$65 with same day dispatch WORLDWIDE
  • Material Composition: Kashmiri Pashmina Wool
  • Colour: Multicoloured
  • Size: 160cm x 35cm
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