Painted Mulberry Silk Designs

This Pure Mulberry Silk hand painted long scarf measures some 170 cm x 50 cm has an unusual design and is individually hand dyed and crafted by cottage industries in Kashmir.

Mulberry Hand Painted Silk Scarves are made exclusively for Pashmina & Silk. Each scarf is unique and you will not find them under any other brand. They are spun and woven by artisan workers on hand looms and then hand dyed using a subtle blend of complementary natural colours. This classic accessory complements all formal or casual wear.

Made from 100% mulberry silk, it is softer, rounder, finer and smoother than raw silk harvested from the wild. The tiny natural irregularities in the weave and yarn add interest and character to the scarf. Our scarves have a smooth, silky, luxurious feel.

Mulberry silk is the highest quality and most expensive silk you can purchase. It is called mulberry silk because the silkworms are fed exclusively on mulberry leaves which ensures the repeatable consistency and quality of the silk. Mulberry silk thread originates from the finest and softest innermost thread of the cocoon. It is softer, rounder, finer and smoother than silk harvested from the wild. Unlike synthetic imitation products, it retains small natural irregularities in the yarn adding texture and character to the scarf. Mulberry silk is 100% hypoallergenic and odorless unlike some of the lower quality silks.

Momme” (mm) is a measure of the weight of silk fabric using the scale 1 momme to 3.75 grams per square meter. In comparison “Traditional “ silk scarves typically use silk between 6 and 10 momme, our “Classic” scarves between 8 and 25 momme, and our “Heritage” scarves above 25 momme.

Your scarf is supplied with FREE gift-wrap in attractive ivory tissue and presentational frosted bag along with a FREE message service. Warm to wear and easy care. Your scarf or stole should not require frequent cleaning. If you wish to freshen your item, dry clean it or gently hand wash the whole garment in cool soapy water. Never rub the fibres and always dry flat away from direct heat. When required use a cool iron.

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