Hoi-An Xen-Ban Design

Vietnamese Reversible Silk Weave Scarf by Pashmina & Silk. Hanoi is acknowledged to produce some of the finest silk products in the world and has been producing outstanding premium quality silk for centuries, dating from 7th century Vietnam.

Our Hoi-An Silk Weave scarf is made in Hanoi by artisans still using hand looms and following traditional methods of manufacture. The hand-spun silk, is still woven on hand looms using two different but complementary shades of thread to form an attractive traditional pattern. The result is a very elegant and versatile, authentic, reversible scarf which has a glossy sheen on both sides.

The character of the scarf is defined by the combination of the uneven texture of some silk threads, the glossy finish and the traditional hand-tinted colours of Vietnam. With continued wear the texture of the scarf softens and continues to be enhanced by use and age. Silk is one of the strongest fibres available and this scarf will still look as good or even better in the years to come, no matter how much wear it has.

The scarf measures a generous size 185 cm x 42 cm .

Your scarf is supplied with FREE gift-wrap in attractive ivory tissue and presentational frosted bag along with a FREE message service. Warm to wear and easy care. Your scarf or stole should not require frequent cleaning. If you wish to freshen your item, dry clean it or gently hand wash the whole garment in cool soapy water. Never rub the fibres and always dry flat away from direct heat. When required use a cool iron.

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